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Become A ParentPreneur Of Holistic Success!

How Does Coaching Help Me As A Parent Entrepreneur?

Just imagine doubling or tripling your daily & monthly income right now:

1. what will it feel like?

2. What will you do with the extra free time with financial freedom?

3. How will that impact you, your kids & those you love?

Those are just a few questions your soon going to have to answer within the "1% Daily Mastermind" once you apply a high performing mindset & daily productivity habits to grow to your top 1% potential in busines, wellbeing & impact.


You will have 100% accountability from Alton & the other ParentPreneurs in your small group on what winning strategies they use to win in their businesses & more.

You should work with me if your a ParentPreneur who struggle with:

1. Overwhelm & procrastination

2. Lack of accountability & support system

3. Struggling with marketing, product development & more to scale your business

4. Clarity on your path to achieve your goals

5. Lack of work/family life balance to thrive

6. Struggle with bad health habits

7. Struggling with other areas in your wellbeing as a parent that indirectly impacts your business success

We will be taking you to the end of your comfort zone to help you discover what is holding you back from peak performance.

The definition of "INSANITY" is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.


That means, if your overwhelmed & procrastinating on achieving life altering results and impact from your actions, it may not be a bad idea to make a change to get a different result.


To achieve your goal of your, you may need more productivity guidance & accountability to produce higher level of results personally & professionally as they both directly & indirectly impacts your business success.

That is why I'm here, to help you be more productive to.

Our weekday meditations will help you overcome anxiety, procrastination & the feeling of overwhelm, which may be a big obstacle in your path to success.

With our accountability coaching program, you can finally create a routine that allows maximum productivity and identify ways to reach your professional and personal potential you never thought existed.

$0 To 6-Figure


Join the group dedicated to helping its members earn theor first

6-figure year & beyond while maximizing health & parental leadership.

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